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Passion 4 Work Career Portal 2015. September 9. | Online recruitment
We are pleased to welcome a new personnel service provider, Passion 4 Work among our Career Portal clients. P4W is a dynamically developing company group which offers complex HR services not only in Hungary, but in Romania, Italy and France as well.
Logiscool Szeged - experience, creation, programming 2015. September 8. |
With the support of nexum, the first experience-based programming school had been started in Szeged. For children it is natural to use computers, smartphones and tablets, surfing through the internet and download applications. Why should not they meet the games and apps from the other side? Logiscool aims to introduce 7-17 year old children to the world of programming through playful and creative tasks. For more information and registration to our courses starting this fall and our open day, click here. website 2015. September 4. | Website development
At the request of Central Médiacsoport Zrt., we took part in the renewal of Our role primarily was to implement the frontend surfaces and to execute the responsive appearence. From September, visitors can find the newly redesigned website under new name,
Heineken Hungária website 2015. July 6. | Website development
Website of Heineken Hungária Breweries, the major player in the Hungarian beer market has been renewed. The website is easily browsable from any mobile devices thanks to the responsive solution.
Heineken Hungária Online Recruitment 2015. May 27. | Online recruitment
We are happy to announce that from now on, nexum’s Career Portal latest 5.5 version supports the recruiting flows of HEINEKEN Hungária Sörgyárak Zrt. The traditional company has relevant experience with more than 120 years and is committed to high quality and expertise. Its products have significant role in the Hungarian beer market.
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