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NN Biztosító Career Portal 2016. April 1. | Online recruitment
NN Biztosító Zrt. has just joined the team of our Career Portal clients. NN Biztosító is member of the global NN Group which is active in 18 countries at this moment. NN Biztosító is the first company in Hungary which offered only life insurance products, and now it is in the Nr. 1 position on the Hungarian life insurance market.
Profession Services website 2016. January 26. | Website development
We handed over Kft.'s website, which is aim to present the biggest national job portal's recruitment supporting services.
ENKSZ ügyfélszolgálat 2016. January 6. | Online customer service
GDF SUEZ Energia Magyarország Zrt. became ENKSZ Észak-Dél Regionális Földgázszolgáltató Zrt. On this occasion we handed over their new customer service site beside ENKSZ's Android and iOS applications.
NIF website 2015. December 15. | Website development
We handed over the new responsive website of NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. supported with a content management system. Since 2007, NIF performs its duties on behalf of the Ministry of National Development in the field of motorways, roads and railway development.
K&H Career Portal 2015. December 9. | Online recruitment
We just delivered the renewed bilingual career site of K&H Bank with a new design. Along with this, K&H also switched to the latest version of our recruitment system which has been extended with various features that aim to simplify the registration process for the candidates.
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