nexum Hungary LTD

The company was established in Szeged, 1996. The owners were private persons. The nexum AG became major owner of the company between 2000 and 2005, and then returned to its founders. Currently the company is in 100% Hungarian ownership. At the beginning of the spread of the internet in Hungary, typically we dealt with the preparation of corporate Web sites; we have created several business relationships with our partners, such clients as: the PICK SZEGED Ltd, the BorsodChem and the Unilever. We has been providing internet based solutions since 1998, particularly we are handling with operational and hosting services, for this service, we had our own server farm since 2000. A new chapter started in the company's and the Internet history in 1999, internet based applications have started, in which our company is in the frontline from the very beginnings; as a main supplier of internet based solutions related to business processes made us to fulfill specific business needs. Clients prefer our company's size and the fact that it does not cause a problem to work on more than one system seamlessly, either on Oracle database, IBM's system, or even on the SAP process. We handed over our first recruitment solution in 2001, afterwords support of HR solutions has become a priority area. Initially we offered specific system solutions, which by now have become mainly semi-finished products that carry the unique development but also the benefits of a flexible end product, the relatively rapid lead in time and favorable price. Web sites and portals production remain visible and accessible in our current service portfolio, but a second area, business processes supported by electronic means (e-business), ASP services and operational support solutions have growing importance in the near future. As you can see from the reference list, most of our clients belong to a typically large or multinational company from several business areas.

Property and Personal Background

Of course, we consider the importance of developing our collagues’ professional skills, in which give help the closeness of the University of Szeged, the possibility of continuous English language courses, the existance of our special professional English language library and last but not least the professional opportunities of the Internet as well.

The fluctuation is low in our company, we know quite well that we are the part of the firm, but we believe that the improvements that are carried out are sufficient to challenge our professional colleagues, so perhaps it isn't coincidence that many of our colleagues have been working to the company more than 7-10 years. Our company does not employ a subcontractor on development area, which is primarily important on the field of safety expectations and in case of rapid responses.

The management of the company is balanced, we ended every year with a profit, and it helped us to continue the expanding of products to the market’s needs. Unfortunately, most of our clients are significantly affected by the economic crisis, because there are serious restrictions on a number of automotive and financial areas, but we can say that we are lucky because we are still working on several large projects.


In all cases, we strive for long-term cooperation with our partners. Our clients are typically dominant medium and large industry performers and our applications are used by dominant commercial, industrial and service sector performers.

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