Since 1996


E-learning is an electronic training type built on Internet/Intranet which makes an effective and cost efficient training possibility. Participants can be anywhere, the only condition is the Internet connection, therefore a company can provide training for its employees at the same time (synch) or at different times when it suits for the employee (asynchronous). Besides acquiring the syllabus, we even provide simulation modules for practice.

Automatic evaluation

We work with various exam modules. Participants can get notification about time of the test and all of them can start and finish the exam at the same time. At this type of exam it is enough to determine the type of question (simple select, option select, relation analysis, range etc.) and the system evaluates the submitted answers automatically. If the exam happens at different times, we also can provide a test compiled from random questions.

Platform independence

Advantage of our e-learning systems that they are platform independent, so they can be used in any operation systems and they do not need installation. We can embed pictures, animations and videos to the system to help the learning process.

Users can reach the e-learning curriculum not only on Internet but offline as well – this time users get the syllabus on CD/DVD, so they can learn whenever they want. This method can be combined with online test writing or users can send the test - on CD/DVD - through Internet.