Since 1996

Unique application development

Softwares available on the market do not always satisfy needs of the companies and businesses, hereby there is often a demand for unique applications that can manage the activities.

Qualitative, tested, documentated code

We provide highly qualified project managers to each developments who communicate between the business and IT area, therefore help the processes to be fluent. Developing flows are realized by well-tried methodologies that we improved during our successful and unique developing projects using UML, general modelling language. Hereby we can develop quality, tested and documentated codes for our clients.

Thorough knowledge

We have deep knowledge about the softwares and systems that can assist to our unique application development projects. Applications made by us work in more operation systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux). We use regularly the PHP, Java, Javascript, XHTML and CSS program and markup languages, for data store and data exchange we use MySQL, PostgreSQL database servers.

With the programs and systems we deliver the related user documents (manuals) and if it is needed, we also take trainings to our clients.