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Candidate site

Candidate site has a featured role in HR branding, since it creates a consistent image in costumers and employees. The shared values have to be spotted by others in and out of the company, therefore trust, interest and loyalty of applicants towards the business will increase. Thanks to the multilingual solution, the system can be integrated to a multinational environment.

Advantages for candidates

Candidates can save time during the application process, since they are always informed with the company, their application(s) and the actual job offers. On the candidate sites they can always find information about the company, the application and selection process etc. These websites are customizable to the corporate image, hereby it help the unified appearence.

The registration is user-friendly and easy-to-follow. Interrupted registrations can be continued later and also there is an e-mail activation option. Based on personal preferences, the system sends automatic newsletters about the actual job offers. A candidate can also apply for more job advertisements at the same time, therefore massive time savings can be produced. Furthermore general application is also possible which means that the candidate does not apply for any job but still registers to the data base.
Personal data can be actualized and deleted according to the related legal privacy policies.

Advantages for HR

Recruiters can reduce their time spent with administrative tasks, for example they do not have to answers the e-mails and phone calls one by one. Listing of job offers is easier by setting more filter options. Job offers can be published to social media sites and news feed, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, RSS, hereby the number of potential candidates who may be good for a position increases, since job advertisements can be recommended, shared or „liked”.