Since 1996

Recruiting software

Primary goal of our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is to reduce the HR administration costs related to the recruitment and selection process. Since its first introduction in 2001, the system develops continuously, therefore for today it became a tailor-made software which is customizable to clients’ needs and processes and the design restrictions of software are also minimal. With our recruiting system we do not want to deliver new processes to the operator organisation, we rather want to offer a correct, traceable, manageable device to support the existing processes. By providing the proper access and rights to all participants of the recruiting process, our system can be a useful device of the everyday work.

Why the Career Portal of nexum?

The software supports the presence of HR recruiters, applicants, managers, HR professionals and also recruiting partners. By using our Career Portal, you can reach cost reduction up to 20-50% since it reduces time of loading an open position and it makes recruiting costs more transparent. It is a user-friendly, easy-to-manage system which simplifies the processes and make them easy-to-follow. It provides automated tasks thanks to the self-actualizing candidate data base, hereby among others, job advertisements can be published on online job portals automatically. The system also gives a better overview of the recruiting-selecting process with charts and graphs. All the services can be reached online from browser without installation, its functions can be integrated to enterprise information systems (ERP, HRIS, CMS) both for medium-sized and large companies.

We provide full service, besides the expectations surveying and customizing, we also offer guidance, training, operation service and support. In the same time we develop the system continuously with R&D projects.

Our system supports the corporate indentity and HR branding and also fits to the legal privacy policies.

More than 500 000 candidates

Recruitment system of nexum has already proved. More than 500 000 applicants, more than 20 000 job advertisements and also more than 1000 HR and recruiting professionals – these are the data that stand behind us and this is the guarantee for you that our ATS will support your recruiting flows successfully.