Since 1996

Recruitment selection

nexum’s recruitment-selection software is a modern solution for the entire recruiting process and the related flows and tasks that affect the HR department’s work. Our product can be an easily manageable solution to handle the workforce needs of the company and to manage all the tasks related to the huge amounts of CVs (e.g. collecting CVs, pre-evaluation). It can be also used for selection, offering, hiring and employee follow-up.

Features of the system

With its informative help windows, our system is user-friendly, easy-to-handle that makes the communication between recruiters, applicants and managers easier. The processes are status and e-mail based. The system improves the work efficiency with fast, automated functions that also can be used collectively. Every happening, even the automatic events in the system are logged, so it is easy to follow all the activities.

The software manages more recruiting channels, e.g. the candidate data base, corporate Intranet and Internet sites, online job portals, Facebook and Twitter channels. Internal advertising is also supported. Appearance and removal of job advertisements from the advertising channels are completely automated and recruiters can use templates to publish job offers. Efficient filtering and searching opportunities help to find the right candidate easily. The system also supports interview, test and AC in the recruiting process. For evaluation the system contains pre-defined statements.

Customizable to person and task

Almost all the elements are customizable: design, flows, fields, lists, master data, vocabularies, charts, candidate sites etc. It has a complex, personalizable authority management system which is also available in more languages.