Since 1996


In case of nexum’s Career Portal, our clients get continuous support from the introduction and it also contains the guidance before the installation. The installation, unique application development are implemented based on the clients’ needs, to the maximal level.


We can provide classroom or e-learning training which is available anytime during the operation or at version changes. After arming the system we provide Helpdesk service.

Hosting, security

The system can be hosted on any local server but we offer our server farm as well if it is needed. We can host the system on a client’s server but we also have client who operates the job portal with its own professionals. The most common solution when we host the system on our very own infrastructure system.
This has numerous advantages since our assumed availability is 99,6% in basic but besides favourable technical conditions we can even undertake 99,9% advanced availability. In recent years, the real, measured avalability of our services was above 99,9%. All of our devices – including the servers applied at our services – are mostly mid-range or high end devices, products of well-known producers (Dell, HP, Intel and IBM). When we made the choice, our primary goal was the advanced availability, therefore we equipped our devices with redundant power supply, RAID control, hot-swapping hard drives, ventillators and control cards to avoid the data loss. Naturally we realize our operation services in different data base, file, web and mailing servers.
Our network devices are CISCO products which are prepared for incidental external offense. Our uninterruptable power supplies are the products of APC and they provide a secure background for the double power supplies of our servers. We monitor your devices with remote access and automatic observation, follow your log, test and update your programs.
Our servers store data of more than 500 000 applicants, more than 10 000 advertisements and serve even 25 000 applicants on daily basis. We guarantee protection of privacy in contract.