Since 1996

Creating banner

Banner is one of the most spectacular advertising form to visualize variable, conspicious, exciting and unique online adverts. A commercial must stand out, show something new, exciting and incomparable. The primary goal when creating a banner is to stimulate the visitors to click on it, in case of banner, to force the visitor to do some active activity by a game or a task.


Implementation starts with the designing of story board – made by the client or by us if it is needed – and is followed by the creating of master banner. Based on the master banner and the production list, we make the mutations and the accidental animated GIF files to substitute banner.

From simple to complex

We provide various solutions, from simple to complex banners. Our creative team – which is proficient in agency tasks – make Youtube Masthead, IWIW Horseshoe, MyVIP Interstitial, MSN Messenger client expendable banners and it is not a problem either if it is about Gemius, Adverticum, OpenX or Eyeblaster AdServer services. We also undertake to create traditional, video or game banners to the following advertising platforms: traditional, double and expendable billboard, skycraper, leaderboard double banner, layer, super banner, expendable banner, take over etc.