Since 1996

Facebook development

Thanks to the spread of social media, Facebook became one of the best known and most visited page in the world. Facebook has more than 600 million users all over the world, while in Hungary it has more than 3 million users. In fact every second Hungarian citizen with Internet connection is registrated on the site and this number grows drastically day by day. Most of the domestic users are around 18-49 years old who spend 6-8 hours a month on average with Facebook browsing.


In recent years, the IT vocabulary has expanded thanks to Facebook, therefore the LIKE word – as an independent expression – has became a positive feedback for companies, brands, fan pages, activities, events. Facebook users like fan pages average 3-4 million times a day, so they become fans of a brand, company and so on. Hereby Facebook development can help to strengthen a brand, increase the awareness or generate sales or the traffic of websites cost efficiently and quickly.

Fan pages

We undertake to create Facebook fan pages with a unique design, furthermore to develop applications and to manage PPC campaigns:

  • creating and maintaining fan pages;
  • Facebook development: either it is a traditional application or an embedded Flash-based game;
  • planning and managing PPC campaigns running on Facebook by unique orders.