Since 1996

Game development

Online games are entertaining and relaxing – like their traditional ones – but their functions can be expanded thanks to the online media. It is a good practice to promote products, services or brands with games. Every time we aim to catch the gamers’ attention and to make a positive first impression in our target group. For this, the entertainment is the best solution while we have the opportunity to communicate the marketing messages and increase the website traffic. If a game is remarkable, visitors will share it to their acquaintances and friends, therefore the game can promote itself and the related website efficiently.

Goal of the games

The process of game development and also the object of the game are determined by needs and strategic goals of clients. Hereby the purpose for a portal can be traffic increasing, while for a brand site rather image building and promotion supporting. Whatever is the goal, the well designed and developed, entertaining games will fulfill the expectations. The results will confirm the game – thanks to replayability of the game and the returning visitors.

Applied technology

Primarily we use the popular and multiform HTML5 technology for game development. By using HTML5, we can make quiz, logic or arcade games. We can even surprise our clients or partners for special occasions. In compliance with the relevant legal laws, games also can be used for data collecting or address list (connected with prize drawing) building.