Since 1996

Website development

Website is the central element of online communication and corporate online identity. For many visitors and potential customers it is the first and only informative meeting surface with your company, while for others the website can be the most intense connecting point to your business. Therefore your website is a featured channel where you can communicate with your clients, on the other hand it shows the values and services that your business represents.

Prepared plans and strategy

Based on our developing experiences, the result of the development process has to be a clean, transparent, modern, elegant and fast website which is easy to use even for a less experienced user. We develop our websites by well-prepared plans and strategy, therefore their navigation is simple and they appear in each modern, well-known browsers in the same format by adapting the international standards (HTML, CSS).

Deliberate design

At our company, to make a website means to design user interfaces by paying much attention to usability. This is the guarantee for scalability and formability. Taking technological and structural aspects into consideration, we deliver Search Engine Optimized (SEO) surfaces to our clients.