Since 1996

Dedicated server hosting

Since our founding, we aim to satisfy the unique Internet service needs of the business industry and in the same time to provide high availability and hiqh quality services. To reach these goals, we established our own server center in the center of the Hungarian Internet, in the primary site of BIX (Victor Hugo street, Budapest). The server room is a perfect place for our operating and hosting services and there is also a possibility to place co-location and back-up servers here.

High security

We have a separate room for our devices which we set up with access control and alarm system, furthermore we have constant surveillance of the area. Cooling of devices is provided with a cooling system that ensures the frequent 16-18 Celsius degree.

High operation safety indicators

Our servers are mainly Dell devices with high operation security parameters. We also have remote access to them thanks to the IP KVM technology. Tasks related to the network services are ensured by CISCO devices, the power supply is granted by redundant ACP supplies which makes the uninterrupted power supply possible with two transformers.

We can ensure direct optical access to the main service providers’ networks, e.g. Magyar Telekom and Antenna Hungária.