Since 1996

Leased line

We can only provide our leased line service to our business clients.

Leased line assures a permanent, daily 24 hours, high-speed connection between sites or between sites and nexum’s hosting center. We can offer this service anywhere in Hungary. We do not possess own network in the entire territory of the country but we do have contractual relationships with more partners. Since we order services in huge volume from them, we get very favourable discounts which we can forward to our clients, hereby our prices are lower than the competitive prices. We undertake a 99,5% availability yearly which we only overfulfilled in the last years, so it is not rare when we could offer availability above 99,9%.

Extra fast intervention ability

Besides our high availability parameters, our clients also prefer our rapid response capacity. This is mainly because we are rated as a relatively small business in this service area. We can almost serve all the needs from 10 Mbit to 10 Gbit and we also have relevant references for this large scale.

In case of leased lines with short deadlines, we suggest the 300-400 Mbit microwave systems, but at longer deadlines, we prefer to build an optical network, even to 10 Gbit. These systems connect through an Ethernet interface to our clients’ systems.

Complex service

As additional service we can undertake the acquisition of devices when the clients do the hosting, therefore we can offer a complex service where the supplying, setting and maintaining of devices concentrate in one point. So security and stability of the network increase on a large scale.

At this moment, many of our clients use our service to support featured application development projects and data communication, many of them also use our high-speed leased line service to keep in touch with the international parent company.