Since 1996

Virtual server hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server but we also get the complete scale of advantages that independent servers provide. We offer rental service that is equivalent to the real web server service but without start-up costs and it is also a cost efficient solution to substitute physical server rental, system administration and co-location services.

Unique needs, low costs and environmentalism

Software environment of a virtual server is customizable to the maximal level in contrast with web server services. We can operate not only web services on the server but optional IP services (FTP, mailing, etc.) as well.

Further advantages:

  • When we need huge capacity but only for a short period, then VPS hosting is enough. Thanks to VPS, we can save time and money since this service can be at our service in one day.
  • Everytime you can use only the capacity that is really needed, since this capacity is flexible and fast (even in 5 minutes) to broaden.
  • Last but not least, an important parameter is the environment strain of services. With our very first VPS, we changed 5 old servers while in the meantime we did not use quarter of its capacity.
  • We deliver our VPS service with pre-installed Linux operation system and we also provide SSH access.
  • The virtual system can be protected with firewall which protects sensible data on the server even if the firewall used by the user was successfully assaulted.

High operation safety indicators

For our VPS hosting service, we offer Dell Poweredge servers with two processors – 2-4 cores by processor –, redundant hotswap power supply, RAID control and hotswap SAS HDD. Power supply of our VPS is warranted with redundant uninterruptable APC network and automatic aggregator. For continuous availability of the server, we assure Cisco elements, also 3 BIX and 2 international connections.