Since 1996

Web server hosting

We customized our hosting services to cilents’ needs because our goal is to provide high standard services. For this, we have high quality Internet connection, dedicated server background and own operation environment. Therefore in case of our hosting services:

  • we operate an own hosting infrastructure in Budapest (BIX in the Victor Hugo street) to manage data securely. Third parties do not have access to our servers;
  • we use Gigabit Internet connection, our inland and international connections are both redundant so we can manage broken lines undetected;
  • we are member of the Council of Hungarian Internet Providers, hereby we can registrate domain names directly;
  • our professionals have the control above our devices, so we are more flexible when interference is needed.

We undertake a default 99,6% availability for our hosting service, but thanks to the favourable technological conditions, we even can provide a 99,9% advanced availability. In recent years, the real, measured availability of our services was above 99,9%.

Applied devices

All of our devices – including the servers used at our services – are mostly mid-range or high end devices, products of well-known producers (Dell, HP, Intel and IBM). When we made the choice, our primary goal was the advanced availability, therefore we equipped our devices with redundant power supply, RAID control, hot-swapping hard drives, ventillators and control cards to avoid the data loss. Naturally we realize our operation services in different data base, file, web and mailing servers.

Our network devices are CISCO products which are prepared for incidental external offense. Our uninterruptable power supplies are the products of APC and they provide a secure background for the double power supplies of our servers.

Payment methods

Our clients can pay on monthly or yearly basis, so every business can decide which solution is more advantageous for them.