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HRC Group Karrier Portál indulás 2020. June 8. | Online recruitment
HRC Group's main activity is the labor hire and placement. The group was estabilished with the aim of offers diverse, comprehensive solutions to staffing issues for their partners, and their recruitment processes are supported by the Career Portal.
Euronics Carreer Portal outset 2020. February 20. | Online recruitment
We launched Euronics's new Career site and they started using Career Portal to support their recruitment and selection processes. Euronics is present in 36 countries, has 69 stores in Hungary and employs nearly 1,000 people.
Otto Fuchs's Carreer Portal outset 2020. February 6. | Online recruitment
Career Portal proudly welcomed OTTO FUCHS Hungary Kft. among it’s partners. OTTO FUCHS has been present in Hungary since August 2010 and employs about 500 people in its Tatabánya factory.
GIRO Zrt. Carreer Portal outset 2020. January 20. | Online recruitment
recruiting on their new Career Portal developed by nexum.
DPD's Carreer Portal outset 2019. November 20. | Online recruitment
DPD Hungary is a member of a worldwide parcel delivery network. There are depots all over the country. They have two sites in Budapest and nineteen in other cities. DPD is also choosecarreer portal.
Tolnagro's Carreer Portal outset 2019. November 5. | Online recruitment
We can also welcome Tolnagro Kft. among our customers. They have been using our Career Portal since November 2019 service to support their recruitment processes. The page is available at
Sberbank redsign 2019. October 24. | Online recruitment
We redesigned Sberbank Magyarország Zrt.'s Career Portal. The goal of the company is to enable every employee to be themselves, to pursue a career in line with their competencies, this is the secret of their success and this is what the new Career page is about.
Bács-Kiskun Megyei Kormányhivatal Carreer portal Outset 2019. October 7. | Online recruitment
ABács-Kiskun Megyei Kormányhivatal also chose our Career Portal solution to provide support for its recruiting flows. The site is available on
Alpine Electronics Carreer Portal outset 2019. October 7. | Online recruitment
Alpine Electronics operates in 17 countries and has manufacturing plants in 5 countries. They have 900 employees in Hungary and their recruitment processes are supported by the nexum Career Portal.
Talentis Trainee Program 2019. September 30. | Online recruitment
Following the launch of Career Portal, a new career site was made for Talentis Consulting Zrt., targeting interns. High school students and postgraduate students also can find suitable opportunities on the site.
Győr–Sopron–Ebenfurti Vasút Career Portal 2019. August 15. | Online recruitment
GYSEV Zrt. also choose Career Portal and we completed the full customization of the software. GYSEV Zrt. is an integrated railway company operating railway network in Hungary and Austria.
Erste Bank redesign 2019. August 15. | Online recruitment
We created Erste's new Career site. On the renewed site we can get to know more about the #believeinyourself Factor and what it is like to work at Erste Bank. As a result of the redesign, easy-to-use filtering options help the job search. website 2019. July 3. | Website development
Since 2013 we have been involved in the development of, the market-leading job portal. Another success of this joint effort was to change the look of the portal, which was the second time we had the opportunity after 2015. Designs were made by Melkweg Digital.
Aegon Career Portal 2019. July 2. | Online recruitment
We launched Aegon's new Career site and they started using Career Portal to support their recruitment and selection processes. Aegon Hungary is one of the 10 largest insurance groups, the Hungarian insurance market major participant.
Accor Hotels's carreer portal outset 2019. May 20. | Online recruitment
Accor-Pannonia Hotels Zrt., the European leading company in hotels and tourism, it's hungarian subsidiary also choose carreer portal.
KÉSZ Career Portal 2019. April 16. | Online recruitment
Our recruitment and selection system, Career Portal has been introduced to KÉSZ Group. KÉSZ Group is one of the largest construction companies in Hungary, it's international projects, stable market position and innovative business solutions highlight it out of the domestic competitors.
PÉTÁV online ügyfélszolgálat 2019. February 25. | Online customer services
We delivered the online customer service site for PÉTÁV Pécsi Távfűtő Kft. which is connected to the company's enterprise resource planning system.
Fétis Kft. 2019. February 7. | Online recruitment
In addition to large companies, the nexum Career Portal can provide a fast and cost-effective solution for the SME sector as well. Hungary's major distributor of quality industrial tools and machine tools, Fétis Kft. also chosen the Nexum Career Portal
UNION Vienna Insurance Group Biztosító Zrt. 2019. January 7. | Online recruitment
The UNION Vienna Insurance Group Insurance Company has chosen the nexum Career Portal because of the modular structure of the software, thus enabling them to expand the functionality step by step. The advanced flexibility ensures that the HR area responds quickly to the changing needs of the company and the employment market.
Envirotis Carreer Portal outset 2018. December 10. | Online recruitment
The Envirotis Holding Zrt. is a leader in the Hungarian environmental market. Their recruitment system has just been introduced position approval, selection and onboarding support with pre-start data collection, thus providing end-to-end solutions from the position request to the entry process.
EuroFamily 2018. September 3. | Online recruitment
The dynamically evolving EuroFamily's 49 stores, the Central Office and the Logistics Center are recruiting on their new Career Portal developed by nexum, whether it's a seller or a leader position. Besides the epmloyees of the HR department, around 70 leaders evaluate the candidates in our ATS to meet the GDPR requirements.
Generali Biztosító 2018. August 1. | Online recruitment
Career Portal Enterprise package has been introduced for Generali Biztosító and its subsidiaries. The system includes position approval, selection, job proposal and onboarding support with pre-start data collection, thus providing end-to-end solutions from the position request to the entry process.
Groupama Biztosító design 2018. July 5. | Online recruitment
From design to development, we followed the renewal of Groupama Biztosító Zrt.'s groundbreaking career page. The Career site's outstanding element is their HR branding video, which gives an insight into the everyday lives of Groupama employees.
Dreher Design 2018. June 19. | Online recruitment
The renewal of Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt.'s Career Portal included the complete redesign of the Career site and extension of the backend functions as well as the integration of CV Parse to speed up the applications' submission process. During the redesign project, Dreher has been focusing on creating the employee environment's feeling by adding self-made photos and videos to their Career site.
UPC Career Site Facelift 2018. May 25. | Online recruitment
Nexum upgraded UPC Career Portal's public, applicant site after the renewed corporate identity.
Intrum Justitia Career Portal 2018. May 12. | Online recruitment
Intrum Justitia, the leading asset management company in Europe, has chosen the Career Portal. Intrum offers a wide portfolio of innovative solutions in 24 countries in Europe.
NKM Nemzeti Közművek Zrt. 2018. January 24. | Online recruitment
NKM Nemzeti Közművek Zrt.'s recruitment processes were also integrated into nexum's Career Portal. The applicant site of Hungary's national public utility company is available on
NKM Észak-Dél Földgázhálózati Zrt. 2018. January 11. | Unique application development
NKM Nemzeti Közművek Zrt. bought the 100% share package of ÉGÁZ-DÉGÁZ Földgázelosztó Zrt. and with the change of ownership the company website got a redesign.
Hanon Systems Career Portal 2017. December 15. | Online recruitment
Hanon Systems Hungary Kft. also implemented nexum's Career Portal solution. The Korean-owned company is the world's second largest automotive air conditioning company with 40 production factories and 4 technology centers worldwide, and started operations in Hungary in 1991.
Égáz-Dégáz Földgázelosztó Zrt. Partner Portal 2017. November 20. | Website development
Égáz-Dégáz Zrt. entrusted our company with the development of its Partner Portal, which aims to facilitate contact with partners and the daily workflow by providing up-to-date data supply.
MKB Career Portal 2017. November 14. | Online recruitment
The banking sector's outstanding participant, MKB Bank Zrt. also chose Career Portal for managing recruitment and selection tasks. MKB Bank as Hungary's determinative financial institution supports residential and corporate goals with its innovative and high-quality solutions.
Autoflex-Knott Kft.'s new website 2017. October 16. | Website creating
Autoflex-Knott Kft.'s webshop got a new design, now the visitors can enjoy a new transparent product structure and a modern responsive surface. We have the trailer part's market outstanding participant amoung our partners for more than 10 years.
Elmű's new design 2017. July 30. |
We have participated in the image renewal of ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Energiaszolgáltató Zrt.’s several online customer service portals: (ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Versenypiac, Egyetemes szolgáltatás, ELMŰ Hálózat, ÉMÁSZ Hálózat).
Applying with Profession profile 2017. June 13. | Online recruitment
In cooperation with Kft we developed Profession Passport, which is Career Portal's newest, on the recruitment and selection software market unique functionality. With this function, the candidates can easily apply in Career Portal by choosing the Apply with Profession profile button. We pre-fill the registration/ application form with the information already given in the Profession profile, hereby minimizing further the application process' time. Profession Passport is already active on Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.'s Career Portal site.
WHC Career Portal 2017. March 30. | Online recruitment
WHC Group specialized in economic and HR consulting over the past 25 years. Their activity is supported from now on by Career Portal 5.0. WHC is one of the largest consultancy office in Hungary offering extensive and high quality services.
Pénzjegynyomda Career Portal 2017. March 7. | Online recruitment
Career Portal proudly welcomed Pénzjegynyomda Zrt. among it’s partners. The company is one of the oldest one in Hungary founded in 1926 mainly for the printing of domestic banknotes and secure printed products.
Raiffeisen Career Portal 2017. February 1. | Online recruitment
Raiffeisen Bank has also chosen Career Portal’s 5.0 version. The banking sector’s determining player achieves outstanding results with 2300 highly qualified employees in the 67 bank branches and central units by continuous efficiency improvement and introducing innovative products, whilst keeping focus on high quality customer service.
NIF Zrt.'s procurement system 2017. January 2. | Unique application development
In accordance with the change of the Public Procurement 2017 law we handed over the electronic procurement website of NIF Zrt. Public procurement documents can be accessed without limitations, free of charge from the portal.
CV Parse success 2016. October 31. | Online recruitment
Nexum’s own developed data extraction solution, CV Parse supports many of our partners’ on-line recruitment processes. The candidates only have to upload their CVs and we prefill the application form with the data extracted from the CV, herewith ease the application process. Among our other parners Bárdi Autó Hungary, DM, Egis, Erste Bank, Fundamenta, Groupama Biztosító, Heineken, JOB, Knorr-Bremse, NN Biztosító‎, Passion 4 Work, Suzuki and Waberer's recruits with our CV Parse solution. You can find more information about CV Parse on our website.
Career Portal 5.5 2016. September 28. | Online recruitment
More and more of our partners gives Career Portal a vote of confidence again by choosing the latest version of our Applicant Tracking System. We are happy to greet among Career Portal 5.5 users Egis, Fundamenta, Groupama Biztosító and Suzuki.
Refreshed appearance on DM’s Career site 2016. August 22. | Online recruitment
DM’s new Career site is ready. The company’s high quality employer brand is reflected beside the continuous innovation by being the winner of numerous employer awards.
Bárdi Autó Career Portal 2016. July 20. | Online recruitment
We would like to welcome our newer parner among the Career Portal user base. From now on Career Portal supports Bárdi Autó's Hungarian and Romanian recruitment and selection processes. Bárdi Autó Zrt. is a 100% Hungarian-owned company, significant participant of the hungarian and international automotive supplier market.
FHB Career Portal 2016. June 6. | Online recruitment
Our new Career Portal partner is FHB Bank Zrt. The commercial bank’s 43 branch offices and it’s online channels serve nationwide 200 000 residential and 12 000 corporate accounts’ customer needs and offers a number of various related or other services offered by the group’s other members.
Telework website 2016. May 26. | Website development
We have just handed the website for which aims to support the iniative of Hungary's leading job portal. Goal of the campaign and website is to attract more employees and employers to the institution of teleworking, hereby disadvantaged jobseekers also can find job.
New design on Lufthansa’s career site 2016. April 28. | Online recruitment
„Fly with us into the world of IT” – Lufthansa’s career site got a redesign. With the new transparent appearance and modern technical solutions the website fully informs the potential candidates, in addition it provides user-friendly applying processes not only on desktop but also on mobile devices.
NN Biztosító Career Portal 2016. April 1. | Online recruitment
NN Biztosító Zrt. has just joined the team of our Career Portal clients. NN Biztosító is member of the global NN Group which is active in 18 countries at this moment. NN Biztosító is the first company in Hungary which offered only life insurance products, and now it is in the Nr. 1 position on the Hungarian life insurance market.
Profession Services website 2016. January 26. | Website development
We handed over Kft.'s website, which is aim to present the biggest national job portal's recruitment supporting services.
ENKSZ ügyfélszolgálat 2016. January 6. | Online customer service
GDF SUEZ Energia Magyarország Zrt. became ENKSZ Észak-Dél Regionális Földgázszolgáltató Zrt. On this occasion we handed over their new customer service site beside ENKSZ's Android and iOS applications.
NIF website 2015. December 15. | Website development
We handed over the new responsive website of NIF Nemzeti Infrastruktúra Fejlesztő Zrt. supported with a content management system. Since 2007, NIF performs its duties on behalf of the Ministry of National Development in the field of motorways, roads and railway development.
K&H Career Portal 2015. December 9. | Online recruitment
We just delivered the renewed bilingual career site of K&H Bank with a new design. Along with this, K&H also switched to the latest version of our recruitment system which has been extended with various features that aim to simplify the registration process for the candidates.
JOB Career Portal 2015. September 10. | Online recruitment
Career site of JOB Személyzeti Tanácsadó Kft. has received a new, dynamic and modern design. In addition to the significantly renewed site, their online recruitment system has also been updated to the latest version of Career Portal..
Passion 4 Work Career Portal 2015. September 9. | Online recruitment
We are pleased to welcome a new personnel service provider, Passion 4 Work among our Career Portal clients. P4W is a dynamically developing company group which offers complex HR services not only in Hungary, but in Romania, Italy and France as well.
Logiscool Szeged - experience, creation, programming 2015. September 8. |
With the support of nexum, the first experience-based programming school had been started in Szeged. For children it is natural to use computers, smartphones and tablets, surfing through the internet and download applications. Why should not they meet the games and apps from the other side? Logiscool aims to introduce 7-17 year old children to the world of programming through playful and creative tasks. For more information and registration to our courses starting this fall and our open day, click here. website 2015. September 4. | Website development
At the request of Central Médiacsoport Zrt., we took part in the renewal of Our role primarily was to implement the frontend surfaces and to execute the responsive appearence. From September, visitors can find the newly redesigned website under new name,
Heineken Hungária website 2015. July 6. | Website development
Website of Heineken Hungária Breweries, the major player in the Hungarian beer market has been renewed. The website is easily browsable from any mobile devices thanks to the responsive solution.
Heineken Hungária Online Recruitment 2015. May 27. | Online recruitment
We are happy to announce that from now on, nexum’s Career Portal latest 5.5 version supports the recruiting flows of HEINEKEN Hungária Sörgyárak Zrt. The traditional company has relevant experience with more than 120 years and is committed to high quality and expertise. Its products have significant role in the Hungarian beer market.
Knorr-Bremse Career Portal 2015. April 27. | Online recruitment
Now for the third time, Knorr-Bremse chose the latest version of our online recruitment product that even includes social media functions. Knorr-Bremse is one of our oldest Career Portal client who has been using our recruitment software actively since 2004. website 2015. March 4. | Website development
After dozens of successful projects, we delivered the new website of Profession, the leading Hungarian job portal. Easy-to-use, user-friendly surface, perspicuity and clarity - this is how the new looks like. Design was made by Imre Ferenci.
National Geographic website 2014. December 3. | Website development
By the authority of Central Médiacsoport Zrt., we made the new, responsive site of National Geographic which is based on the SenseNet portal engine technology.
nexum Christmas game 2014. November 28. | Game development
Festive spirit is all around us, therefore nexum Hungary made a new Christmas game for this year. The goal is to help the penguin to get as high as possible and prevent him falling down. Ping Jump is available in the Google Play Store. Good luck to the game!
Rossmann Online recruitment 2014. November 10. | Online recruitment
From now on, our Career Portal solution supports the recruitment flows of Rossmann Magyarország Kft. Rossmann is on the Hungarian market since 1993 and by now its network has almost 200 shops throughout the country.
ALFÖLDVÍZ online customer service 2014. October 8. | Online customer service
We delivered the online customer service site for ALFÖLDVÍZ which is one of the biggest water authority in Hungary. Currently ALFÖLDVÍZ ensures the water supply for 300 000 inhabitants.
Fundamenta-Lakáskassza Online recruitment 2014. September 29. | Online recruitment
Fundamenta-Lakáskassza Zrt. also uses our Career Portal solution to manage its recruitment flows. Fundamenta-Lakáskassza is one of the greatest Hungarian loan bank in terms of number of retail clients. Beside the dynamic development, the company has also won numerous professional prizes, for example it won the Superbrands and Business Superbrands awards several times.
Technet and Mobilport website 2014. August 12. | Website development
We have just launched the new responsive sites of Technet and Mobilport for our client, the Central Médiacsoport Zrt. From now on, both sites run as subdivions of Hír24 news portal, but certainly they are also available from the familiar and addresses as well.
OVB game 2014. July 31. | Game development
We delivered the game called Fire-Water-Burglar for OVB Vermögensberatung Kft. The HTML5 game was made in a tablet optimized version. OVB is on the Hungarian market since 1992 and has more than 271 000 satisfied clients by now.
Cosmopolitan mobile website 2014. June 19. | Mobile development
Our company made the responsive, mobile optimized sites of for Hearst Sanoma Budapest Kft.
Egis Gyógyszergyár Zrt. Online recruitment 2014. May 29. | Online recruitment
Egis Gyógyszertár Zrt., one of the biggest pharmaceutical company in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe, also favored our Career Portal. Egis has more than 100 years of phamaceutical experience and its products are available in more than 60 countries beside Hungary.
Waberer's International Online recruitment 2014. May 28. | Online recruitment
Waberer's International Zrt. has decided to use nexum's Career Portal solution to support its complex recruiting processes. Waberer's International is the biggest transportation and forwarding company in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 65 years of experience.
Hungerit website 2014. February 12. | Website development
Corporate website of Hungerit Zrt has now a new design, a simplified navigation and a user-friendly website structure.
TV24 website 2014. January 20. | Website development
TV programmes site of Sanoma Media Budapest, the was renewed. Thanks to the responsive design, it is now easy and comfortable to reach the site from both desktop and mobile devices.
GDF SUEZ bank card payment 2014. January 13. | Online customer service
Thanks to our new development, clients of GDF SUEZ are now able to use their bank or credit card on the online customer service surface to strike their balance. With this safe and comfortable payment method it is easy and fast to pay the gas bill in time.
Tesco Online recruitment 2014. January 9. | Online recruitment
Tesco has got a new Career site specialized for its Express stores. The branch of Express store is the most dinamically developing business field of the multinational company therefore it needs special attention.
Mozi24 website 2013. December 11. | Website development
We have renewed the, the movie portal of Sanoma Media Budapest. The portal now has a new content focus, concept and design. Visitors can now find not only the cinema programmes on the site but also a well-built movie data base and movie news.
dm drogerie market online recruitment 2013. November 18. | Online recruitment
dm – drogerie markt chose nexum’s Career Portal solution to manage its recruitment processes. dm – which is also internationally recognized – has been operating on the Hungarian market for more than 20 years and it owns 260 shops in Hungary by now.
Sberbank Online recruitment 2013. November 1. | Online recruitment
New name, new design – we have just handed the renewed Career site for Sberbank Hungary. From 1 November 2013, Volksbank Zrt. operates under the name of Sberbank Magyarország Zrt, hereby they are waiting for the applicants with a renewed site.
National Instruments Online recruitment 2013. September 17. | Online recruitment
Austin-based (Texas, USA) National Instruments has just got our recruitment system which is the pool for job offers in 8 Central and Eastern European countries. NI operates in more than 50 countries, and is the employer of more than 1100 employees in Hungary.
Lufthansa Systems Online recruitment 2013. September 6. | Online recruitment
Since its first introduction, Lufthansa Systems chose the Career Portal again to perform its recruiting tasks. The version 5 includes responsive surfaces and unique, customizable front-end solutions.
Sanoma website 2013. September 2. | Website development
Sanoma Media Budapest changed its corporate image. The design change affected the corporate website as well which was implemented by us – according to Balázs Balogh’s designs – built on the SenseNet portal technology.
Suzuki Online recruitment 2013. August 6. | Online recruitment
Magyar Suzuki Zrt. use an independent career site from now. With this step, it became the first subsidiary among of those of Suzuki Motors Corporation in the world which has own career site. The Japanese automobile company – which employs thousands of people in Hungary – opted for our Career Portal solution.
Alföldvíz website 2013. June 21. | Website development
We delivered the website for Hungary’s biggest waterworks company, the Alföldvíz Zrt. The nearly sixty years old company assures the water supply for more than 300 000 inhabitants. The site has a new, modern look and responsive design.
Career portal website 2013. April 8. | Website development
You can read more about our successful online recruiting product, the Career Portal on its indenpendent website with independent content at address.
Erste Bank Online recruitment 2013. March 22. | Online recruitment
Erste Bank has changed for the version 5 of our Career Portal and in line with the software refreshing, the career site got a new design as well. Erste Bank has been using our ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for 7 years since 2007.
Groupama Garancia insurance company online recruitment 2013. March 19. | Online recruitment
We have just delivered our Career Portal solution to another company. The online recruiting system of Groupama is available at, under the domain of the recently handled website. Groupama is one of the most significant actor on the Hungarian insurance market with its 1,3 million clients and its network of 150 branches.
TESCO graduates website 2013. February 25. | Website development
On behalf of TESCO-Global Áruházak Zrt., we renewed the website of TESCO Graduates Programme. The site – which was introduced in 2010 – shows 19 different graduates programmes at the company.
UPC Online recruitment 2013. February 22. | Online recruitment
UPC Magyarország also opted for nexum’s recruiting system, the Career Portal. Besides the actual job offers, visitors can find internship opportunities or even sales representative possibilities as subcontractors. UPC Magyarország is the market-leader integrated television, broadband internet and telephone service provider.
VALDOR Disney mesés falatkák facebook fan page 2012. December 20. | Facebook development
By the authority of HUNGERIT Zrt, we have just made the Facebook Fan page for the company’ premium branded product family, the VALDOR Disney Mesés Falatkák. Our tasks were also to create and optimize a Facebook campaign as part of the project.
Internet-X website 2012. December 20. | Website development
We created the website of Internet-X Magyarország Kft. The company operates in Békéscsaba (Békés county) as an Internet, cabel television and telephone service provider.
GDF SUEZ iOS application 2012. November 8. | Mobile development
nexum developed the official application of GDF SUEZ not only for Android but now for iOS platform as well. Clients of the company now have resort to the most important online customer service functions on smartphones and tablets running iOS operation system besides the well-known website and Android surfaces.
HEINEKEN Hungary websites 2012. November 7. | Website development
Heineken Hungária launches its program to support the civil initiatives of Sopron and Martfű for the fifth time. We renewed the websites of both programs adjusting to the new design of Heineken Hungária
INVITEL Online recruitment 2012. October 8. | Online recruitment
Invitel chose our Career Portal solution to manage its online recruiting tasks. Invitel Zrt. has been a determinig actor of the Hungarian telecommunication market for 15 years, among Hungary’s TOP 200 companies it is the 21st most productive and the 4th most efficient business.
MOL Flash game 2012. September 30. | Game development
We have just created an interactive, flash game for MOL Nyrt. which illustrates the steps of oil searching in a simplified, spectacular way. The game was made for industry exhibitions, fairs and conferences.
JOB Online recruitment 2012. July 24. | Online recruitment
Hungary’s best known consulting company, JOB Személyzeti Tanácsadó Kft. opted for our ATS solution again after the The system – available at – connects to the significant domestic job portals with XML communication hereby all the job offers uploaded to the software will be advertised automatically on these portals.
Dreher Online recruitment 2012. July 10. | Online recruitment
Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt. changed for the newest, 5th version of our Career Portal which is search engine optimized and even includes social media functions. Dreher is the founder and significant actor of the domestic beer industry, millions of consumers know and like their products.
Magyar Nemzeti Bank recruitment 2012. July 4. | Online recruitment
We launched another 5th version Career Portal, this time for the Hungarian National Bank. Our recruiting system was integrated to the newly redesigned portal system of MNB. The site is available at
Dalkia online customer service 2012. May 15. | Online customer service
We developed a subpage for Dalkia Energia that concerns the district heating. Clients can check their contract data, their account balances and also submit their meter readings on the online customer service surface. Now the company ensures the district heating for 67000 households through its subsidiaries and regional centres. The system helps the online administration processes in a user-friendly way.
Szkaliczki website 2012. May 4. | Website development
We made the website for Szkaliczki és Társai Műanyag Feldolgozó Kft. The Hungarian-owned business operating in Orosháza is part of the domestic and international plastic industry since 1992.
BorsodChem website 2012. April 10. | Website development
We have just launched the joint website of BorsodChem Zrt. and Wanhua Industrial Group for the UTECH Europe exhibiton beginning on 17 April 2012. The microsite aims to ease the communication between the consumers and the two enterprises by using an online meeting manager system.
Heineken Hungária website 2012. March 2. | Website development
In line with the corporate image change of Heineken Hungária Sörgyárak Zrt., we also renewed the corporate website which is available at
Marketing Store website 2012. February 24. | Website development
We handled the website of Marketing Store Kft. which deals with marketing outsourcing and guidance.
We hire! 2012. February 15. | Karrier
Our company is looking for PHP developers and Administrative colleague to our office in Szeged. For further information and registration, go to
Volksbank Online recruitment 2012. February 2. | Online recruitment
We delivered the first Career Portal version 5 for Volksbank Zrt. By following the international design restrictions of Volksbank, the new recruiting system has been completely renewed.
ÁRKÁD game website 2011. September 12. | Brand site, promotional site
We made the promotion site of soon-to-open Árkád Szeged Shopping Centre together with Marketing Store Corp. The site is available at
Égáz-Dégáz Földgázelosztó website 2011. September 5. | Website development
The renewed website of Égáz-Dégáz Földgázelosztó got numerous new content and applications besides its updated design.
Carlo Goedert website 2011. August 19. | Website development
We are charged to develop the multilingual website for Luxembuourg-based notary, Carlo Goedert. The prepared website is available at
GDF SUEZ Android application 2011. July 14. | Mobile development
nexum developed the official Android application for GDF SUEZ Energia Magyarország Zrt., hereby their clients can now use smartphones to reach the most important online customer service functions that are already known from the website. At this moment the following functions are available on smartphone: submitting meter reading, querying the reading period, checking the previous readings and customer service search supported by GPS.
Lombard Direkt website 2011. July 12. | Website development
We made the website for our partner, Lombard Lízing Zrt. On the site clients can get information related to the general finance, calculate installment, determine value of their sellable vehicle.
REHABJOB.HU job and information portal 2011. May 27. | Online recruitment
We delivered the website for the rehabilitation personnel leasing branch of JOB Személyzeti Tanácsadó Kft. The website is available at
GDF SUEZ online customer service 2011. March 18. | Online customer service
After a complex usability analysis and audit, we implied a complete usability and structural change and partly a design change on the customer service website of GDF SUEZ Energia Magyarország.
Zizu kedvence Facebook fan page 2011. February 9. | Facebook development
On behalf of HUNGERIT Zrt, we have just launched the Facebook Fan page for the company’s premium branded product family, the VALDOR Zizu kedvence which firstly aims to get the younger generation’s interest.
Sanoma Budapest Online recruitment 2011. January 25. | Online recruitment
The significantly changed career page of Sanoma Budapest Zrt. was launched with our recruiting system expanded with new, onboarding functions and renewed design.
GDF SUEZ website 2011. January 19. | Website development
Based on visitors data and usability analysis, we redesigned and significantly changed the welcome page for the website of GDF SUEZ Energia Magyarország Zrt.
Magyar Nemzeti Bank Online recruitment 2010. December 15. | Online recruitment
In connection with the corporate image change of Hungarian National Bank, we delivered the new surface of its recruiting system which harmonizes with the new design.
Knorr-Bremse Online recruitment 2010. December 1. | Online recruitment
Job portal of Knorr-Bremse, was renewed. We installed the newest improved version of our recruiting system behind the significantly changed website.
Gergely Gasztronomi website 2010. September 27. | Website development
Gergely Gasztronomi Kft. entrusted us to update its website running since 2006. The renewed site is a worthy advertisement surface for the business’ pasta products with its commanding food photos and recipes, furthermore it gives useful advices to the healthy eating.
Szegedi Vízmű online customer service 2010. July 14. | Online customer service
We have just launched a new customer service solution, this time for Szegedi Vízmű. Registrated users can ask for appointment, check their account balance, follow their payments, submit meter readings or ask for a copy of bills.
GDF SUEZ website 2010. July 5. | Website development
GDF SUEZ Energia Magyarország Zrt. – successor of Égáz-Dégáz – now has a new website with new look in line with the design restrictions of the parent company. The website is available at
GDF SUEZ online customer service 2010. July 5. | Online customer service
Online customer service of GDF SUEZ Energia Magyarország Zrt. is waiting for its visitors with new look but the same functions and content.
TESCO online recruitment 2010. May 6. | Online recruitment
We developed the online recruiting system for TESCO-Global Áruházak Zrt. which is Hungary’s biggest employer with more than 21.000 employees. The career site is available at
TESCO graduates program 2010. March 25. | Website development
TESCO-Global Áruházak Zrt.’s Graduates website that introduces 14 different graduates programs was launched by us. Tesco is the market leader retail chain in Hungary, and is present in 14 countries and 3 contintents internationally.
K&H Career Portal 2010. March 19. | Online recruitment
One of the biggest commercial bank in Hungary, K&H Bank and the K&H Group also chose nexum’s Career Portal to manage its recruiting flows.
PICK promotional site 2009. November 2. | Brand site, promotional site
We can follow Gábor Szentiványi’s – the PICK Flavour diplomat – culinary adventures in Europe’s most beautiful cities from Ansterdam to Rome, on channel TV2. Short films and recipes shown on the television can be watched on the newly launched PICK Flavour diplomat site.
Accredited clusters tender 2009. October 6. | Tenders
We have successfully competed for the tender named „Supporting organizational innovation of accredited clusters (GOP-2008-1.3.1/B)”. Thanks to the support, we can develop our Career Portal and other HR solutions to provide higher quality and more complex service to our clients.
Dalkia intranet 2009. September 7. | Intranet solutions
Intranet system of Dalkia Energia Zrt. was delivered today, so from now more than 800 employees can reach it. The system aims to help the faster and more efficient communication between the employees, improve the internal communication, get to know the colleagues better and handle the comments and ideas of the workers.
Égáz-Dégáz online customer service 2009. July 1. | Online customer service
Égáz-Dégáz-Földgázelosztó Zrt. entrusted us again to improve its Online Customer Service. Users can now ask for appointments to the 19 customer service offices through the Internet.
Volvo Car Finance website 2009. May 29. | Website development
We have just handled the website for the Hungarian representation of Volvo Car Finance. The representative tasks will be performed by the Lombard Lízing Zrt with the mediation of FCE Credit Hungária Zrt. and the Volvo Distributor network.
Lánchíd Palota website 2009. May 29. | Website development
Website of the Lánchíd Palota luxury business center has just renewed. The style is the ordinary but the structure and the content is different.
Heineken Career section 2009. April 15. | Online recruitment
Website of Heineken Hungária Zrt. was expanded with a career section, so – besides the information related to the company – visitors can read more about the career opportunities and the benefits as well.
BorsodChem website 2009. February 19. | Website development
In April 2002, nexum launched the previous website of BorsodChem Zrt. which had served the major actor of the chemical market in the Central and Eastern European region for 7 years. The newly launched website has similar content and functionality but got a new design and structure.
Lombard originated devices 2009. February 18. | Website development – the site of Lombard Lízing Zrt that aligns the originated devices – got a new look. New functions were installed to the site as well, furthermore the page is avaliable in 5 languages from now.
Égáz-Dégáz online customer service 2009. February 3. | Online customer service
Another chapter in our company’s customer service development history has arrived with the Online Customer Service of Égáz-Dégáz-Földgázelosztó Zrt.. The site with its direct SAP connection provides the basic information flows for the clients, furthermore the new market offers and discounts are going to be uploaded here as well.
New office in szeged 2008. December 5. | Our History
We are moving to a new office!
From 8 December 2008, we are going to continue our work in a 300 m2 building, in a modern environment.
Our new address: 6726 Szeged, Temesvári krt. 15.
Our phone and e-mail availabilities do not change, our mailbox address is also the same!
Valdor brand site 2008. November 3. | Brand site, promotional site
We have just made a promotional CD – which contains flash games and Zizu’s song – to promote popular product of Hungerit, the Valdor Zizu kedvence. Products of the Hungerit Valdor brand also got an own brand site.
Hungerit website 2008. September 3. | Website development
New website of HUNGERIT Zrt was made by us. You can find detailed information about the company and its products on the site. By differentiating the contents based on the target groups, it is easier for everybody to find the right content.
Pfizer Career Portal 2008. August 14. | Online recruitment
We have just launched a new Career Portal, this time for Pfizer. Pfizer chose one of the most complex solution which also contains the headhunting module besides some other innovation.
Lombard website 2008. August 14. | Website development
After more than 7 years of successful cooperation, Lombard Leasing chose nexum Magyarország Kft. again to renew its website. The website now got a clean design, a clear userface and a simple, fast and easy navigation.
Dreher Career Portal 2008. August 5. | Online recruitment
Career sites of Dreher Sörgyárak Zrt. has been developed and operated by us. Dreher has a more than one and a half century of brewing experience and is a determining actor of the Hungarian beer market with its excellent brands. The site is available at
VALDOR Zizu promotional site 2008. May 29. | Brand site, promotional site
We have just introduced the independent site for Valdor Zidu, premium quality product of HUNGERIT Zrt. The Flash website is the main part of the online promotion, it entertains the kids and gives information to adults about the product.
Égáz-Dégáz website 2008. April 11. | Website development
We have renewed the website of Égáz-Dégáz-Földgázelosztó Zrt. in accordance with the Gaz de France, the parent company’s design restrictions. The website is available at
Transport development project website 2008. February 22. | Website development
We have just delivered the website for the European Union-supported Transport Development project of Szeged. On the site visitors can read detailed information about the plans, the project, the tenders and the actual transport state.
AccessPoint website and webshop 2007. December 20. | Webáruházak
New website and webshop of Accesspoint were launched with a complete integration of the SAP Business One system. The site is also the centre site of the company, hereby besides the product management, news feed and newsletter system help the sales.
Pfizer career portal 2007. November 30. | Online recruitment
The Hungarian representative of Pfizer, the American pharmacy opted for our Career Portal solution to ease its recruiting processes. The introduction is planned for the first quarter of 2008.
Magyar Nemzeti Bank Career Portal 2007. October 12. | Online recruitment
The Hungarian National Bank changed its SAP recruiting system for nexum’s Career Portal. It is an honour to us to have the Hungarian National Bank – among the other financial instituions – between our clients and users. The site was integrated to the present portal system of MNB.
Autoflex-Knott bank card payment 2007. September 24. | Webáruházak
The webshop of Autoflex-Knott was improved. Buyers can also choose the bank card payment method from now.
Autoflex-Knott webshop 2007. September 3. | Webáruházak
We delivered the webshop for Autoflex-Knott in Hungarian language where customers can order numerous products from the catalogue. Bank card payment method will be available soon.
Erste Bank online recruitment 2007. July 19. | Online recruitment
Our Career Portal product was chosen by Erste Bank Plc. nexum Magyarország Kft. also provides the operation of Career Portal in the company’s server room in Budapest.
Szegedi Vízmű website 2007. July 6. | Website development
Thanks to the more than 5 years of successful co-operation, Szegedi Vízmű opted for nexum Magyarország Kft. again to renew its corporate site. To refresh the content, nXeditor sotware was used.
Égáz-Dégáz gas distribution website 2007. June 20. | Website development
Égáz-Dégáz-Földgázelosztó Zrt. has sourced its gas distribution activity to a legally separated company, in compliance with the EU directives and the law on gas supply. Name of the new subsidiary is Égáz-Dégáz-Földgázelosztó Zrt. which now has an independent website.
Heineken website 2007. June 15. | Website development
Brau Union Sörgyárak Nyrt. changed its name for Heineken Hungária Nyrt. and in the same time, a new website was launched. Visitors can find more content on the new website and the content of the previous site is also available.
Autoflex-Knott website 2007. May 10. | Website development
We have just handled the new wesite for Kecskemét-based Autoflex-Knott company. An online catalogue helps the visitors to find the products easily and a webshop will be installed on the site in the near future.
Scooby-Doo promotional site 2007. April 27. | Brand site, promotional site
On behalf of PICK SZEGED Zrt, we developed a promotional site that introduces the PICK Scooby-Doo product family with its 7 members. The product group was designed especially for kids.
Noreg business security calculator 2007. April 25. | Flash development
We developed an online Business security calculator for the request from Noreg Információvédelmi Kft. By filling in the questionnaire, anyone can count the level of IT Security solution that is needed to his own business.
Volksbank Career Portal 2007. March 30. | Online recruitment
After numerous big company, Volksbank also opted for out Career Portal solution to manage its recruiting to-dos in a modern way. The site is operated by us at
Égáz-Dégáz meter reading online surface 2007. February 13. | Online customer service
We improved the online meter reading surface for Égáz-Dégáz-Földgázelosztó Zrt. which sends the data directly to the company’s ERP system.
Égáz-Dégáz website 2007. January 26. | Website development
Corporate website for Égáz-Dégáz-Földgázelosztó Zrt. – the new-born company from the fusion of Égáz Zrt. and Dégáz Zrt. – was launched by us.
FSG-Hungária Pneus-Expert partner site 2007. January 23. | Website development
We delivered the partner sites of Pneus-Expert network of FSG Hungary company. The site aims to provide information for members of the franchise system and also to synchronize the communication.
New office in budapest 2007. January 15. | Our History
We are pleased to inform our clients that we have just moved to a new office. From 1 February 2007, the address of our office in Budapest is: District 13, Lehel street 17BC 1. floor. Our phone and electronic availabilities do not change at all.
MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 2006. December 12. | Our History
Our company set up the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management system in the beginning of December. Our goal is to provide our customers a high quality service continuously. We have supervised our working flows and methods and we accepted the advices we got while preparing for the audit.
Generali-Providencia Career site 2006. November 11. | Online recruitment
Another Career Portal implementation was delivered. Career site of Generali-Providencia Zrt. – which is continuosly synchronized with the ERP system – is waiting for its candidates.
British American Tobacco recruiting site 2006. November 10. | Online recruitment
Career site of British American Tobacco was handed recently. The site suits the actual flows and tasks and aims to support the continuous prestige communication with the applicants.
Abroncs Kereskedőház website 2006. October 24. | Website development
We launched the new website of Abroncs Kereskedőház company which is the market leader on the Hungarian tyre market. Update of the site is ensured by nexum’s content management system, the nXeditor.
Sanoma Career Portal 2006. September 12. | Online recruitment
Sanoma Budapest Zrt. also chose our Career Portal solution to provide an IT support for its recruiting flows. Besides the nice, unique look, the system also expanded with new functions during the customization.
Zwack B2B partner site 2006. August 9. | B2B commercial solutions
We introduced the B2B partner sites of Zwack Unicum Zrt. Thanks to the new application – which is synchronized with the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning system – wholesalers can order online, they can see up-to-date stock and pricing data about the products and also can check detailed charts.
Sopron Terminal 2006. July 4. | Flash development
nexum delivered again the Sopron Terminal to the VOLT Festival in 2006. By using it, visitors could reach the entire program of the festival, furthermore they could capture their experiences to a guest book. It was also possible to send pictures with the Terminal.
Lombard Career Portal 2006. June 14. | Online recruitment
Another Career Portal adaption was made: Lombard expanded the basic version with a unique design and a new function that allows users to post letter generating based on templates.
SzKht website 2006. April 27. | Website development
After six years of successful co-operation, the Szegedi Környezetgazdálkodási Kht. asked us to renew its website. From our nXmodules software package, visitors can find the guest book, the dynamic content manager, the searching option and the gallery.
Human Rent website 2006. March 29. | Website development
We developed the new website for Human Rent Magyarország Kft, Hungary’s leading recruiting and staffing company. Thanks to our nXeditor application, the site is completely managable by our partner.
Human Rent Career Portal 2006. March 29. | Online recruitment
We also handed the customized Career Portal solution for Human Rent Magyarország Kft.
nexum Magyarország Kft. 2006. February 22. | Our History
We inform you that our name has changed for nexum Magyarország Kft.
Auction and bidding system 2006. February 10. | Unique application development
Website of Lombard Finance and Leasing – that collects the originated devices – got a new design and auction system.
PICK SZEGED promotional site 2006. February 1. | Brand site, promotional site
We opened the „Our secret” promotional site of PICK SZEGED that aims to introduce the PICK Téliszalámi – the Hungaricum product that is made from a unique and secret recipe. Visitors can also find a flash-based logical game on the site.
DÉGÁZ and ÉGÁZ website 2005. December 19. | Website development
Website of DÉGÁZ and ÉGÁZ is waiting for its visitors with expanded content, new services and a unique menu system.
PICK SZEGED promotional site 2005. November 11. | Brand site, promotional site
We have just made the online version of the "A szeletelt ünnepe" Christmas promotion campaign for PICK SZEGED based on the brochures.
Unilever recruitment system 2005. November 9. | Online recruitment
One of the biggest job fair in Hungary was held on 9-10 November at University of Corvinus. We renewed the recruiting system of Unilever Hungary for this occasion.
Bosal-Autóflex B2B Partner Portal 2005. August 23. | B2B commercial solutions
B2B Partner Portal solution of Bosal-Autóflex was just launched. The sites give information to the registrated partners about the stock level, the products but according to the plans, by 2006 the portfolio will expand with ordering and order tracking opportunities.
Lánchíd Palota website 2005. July 29. | Website development
We delivered the website of the Lánchíd Palota that can be found under the address of Budapest, Fő utca 1. The building was designed by Miklós Ybl and now it becomes the first rentable office palace.
PICK new website 2005. June 30. | Website development
As the result of a more than 6 years of successful co-operation, we handed the new website of PICK SZEGED.
Official website of Makó city 2005. June 20. | Website development
Website representing Council of Makó city has just reborned with a completely new dynamic content management. The website was designed by Ildikó Karsai, graphic artist.
Szerverház website 2005. May 16. | Website development
Website of Szerverház Számítástechnikai Kft. was launched. The company deals with selling and maintaining IBM and Compaq servers and workstations.
Édenergia microsite 2005. April 20. | Website development
Édenergia Kft., the commercial business that was founded in 50-50% ownership rate by Égáz Rt. and Dégáz Rt., now has a microsite. The company deals with gas trading to its authorized consumers on the Hungarian market.
TEVA Career Portal 2005. April 7. | Online recruitment
TEVA Magyarország Rt – a prominent actor of the pharma industry – decided to use our Career Portal solution, the version 2.6. The new version has full management functions and saveable candidate filters.
Soproni website 2005. April 1. | Website development
Our company handed the website that emphasizes the newly-designed brand and bottle. The flash-based site was rebuilt in accordance with the trends and techniques of 2005.
Lombard microsite 2005. March 10. | Website development
We have just launched a microsite for Lombard Finance and Leasing that shows the company’s originated devices.
Amodent promotional site 2005. March 4. | Brand site, promotional site
Developing period of – promotional site of the newest Amodent promotion game – has ended. The site was made with Flash technology and reflects the well-known shapes and colours of the Amodent products.
Exicom honlap 2005. February 2. | Website development
We made the design for website of Exicom Rendszerház Kft. Contant uploading and following will be done by Exicom.
Multimedia CD 2005. January 10. | Multimedia CD/DVD
Everything that worths to know about mobile technologies can be found on the multimedia CD we developed for M&H Communications. Diverse pictures, documentary videos and animations demonstate the content and an offline search system helps the fast orientation.
Eastinfo honlap 2004. August 13. | Website development
Website of Eastinfo Szolgáltató- és Kereskedelmi Kft. was delivered. Visitors can now read information and news related to the company in Hungarian, Chinese, English and German.
Lufthansa Systems Career Portal 2004. July 30. | Online recruitment
Development and installation of Lufthansa Systems’ Career Portal has just passed its second step. The system – which has been operating since 1 April 2004 – now got new administrative functions.
ÉGÁZ and DÉGÁZ websites 2004. June 21. | Website development
Égáz and also Dégáz continue their activities under the same name but with a new design, so from today both businesses have new design. nexum won the tender to renew both websites.
ÉGÁZ and DÉGÁZ electronic customer service 2004. June 21. | Online customer service
In accordance with the image change of Égáz and Dégáz Rt, electronic customer services of the companies also changed structure.
Knorr-Bremse recruiting portal 2004. April 7. | Online recruitment
Career Portal of Knorr-Bremse Fékrendszerek Kft. was delivered as the result of another adaptation. The site comes with the „Join Us” slogan. The software now operates in Windows environment with local operation – this fact also shows the adaptability of the portal.
New RINGA website 2004. April 6. | Website development
RINGA Kereskedelmi és Marketing Kft. meat company which has just reorganized its production capacity and commercial network now has a new, modern look.
Soproni Ászok Screenmate 2004. April 1. | Flash development
We developed a screenmate and news reader desktop application for Soproni Ászok. While using the program, we can meet the well-known mascot of Soproni which entertains us with jokes and funny animations. In the same time we designed a takeover type banner to the site
Lufthansa karrierportál 2004. March 31. | Online recruitment
Lufthansa Systems also chose our success product, the Career Portal. Unique feature of their system is that it has specific skill management function and headhunting module as well.
Unilever B2B partner site 2004. March 30. | B2B commercial solutions
As the result of our development, information and data of the Food Solution branch also will be uploaded to the Unilever B2B partner site. Thanks to the improvement, the Retail and Food Solution areas may have different information content on the site.
DÉMÁSZ website 2004. March 8. | Website development
Website of DÉMÁSZ Rt. was reborn as the result of a successful developing project that lasted for months.
Soproni Ászok Magyar Vándor promotion 2004. February 16. | Brand site, promotional site
Magyar Vándor promotion at Soproni! The online version for Magyar Vándor promotion was made by us. Those who fill out the quiz correctly, may win one of the 50 cartons of beer. Do not miss it!
DÉMÁSZ customer information system 2004. February 3. | Online customer service
We have just finished another successful DÉMÁSZ project. On behalf of DÉMÁSZ Rt., we developed a Customer Information System that helps the communication between the DÉMÁSZ colleagues and the company’s partners on a protected surface.
Website of Kiskunhalas city 2004. January 28. | Website development
Managable guest book, forum, voting box, searching system: website of Kiskunhalas city contains all of these functions. The site got a completely new design and was launched today after months of development.
MÁV recruiting system 2004. January 5. | Online recruitment
MÁV Rt. opted for our leading HR product, the Career Portal to provide an electronic support for its recruiting tasks and also to reorganize its employees inside the company. We also ensure the full operation of the software.
Soproni Ászok brandsite 2003. December 12. | Brand site, promotional site
We have just developed the website for the well-known and popular beer, Soproni – together with TBWA. The flash-based site uses unique design to advertise the brand, also newsletters, joke section and games make the site more dynamic.
BÁCSVÍZ website 2003. December 1. | Website development
We has begun the development of website for BÁCSVÍZ Rt in October and the modern site is already launched with dynamic content management.
Körös Volán Content management system 2003. October 29. | CMS systems
Website of Körös Volán Rt. was launched, we delivered the content management system for this project.
Internet based career information system 2003. October 15. | Online marketing strategy
On behalf of Békés Megyei Munkaügyi Központ, our company developed the new, Internet based career information system, the e-Career and also designed the related brochure called Pályaív.
Brau Union flash content management system 2003. August 28. | CMS systems
We provided flash-based content management module for center sites of Brau Union, therefore the urgent and most important changes can be done internally.
D-Energy website 2003. June 23. | Website development
We delivered the website of D-Energia Kft. which was founded as the common subsidiary of DÉMÁSZ Rt. and Budapesti Erőmű Rt. in 2002.
DÉMÁSZ tender 2003. May 12. | Website development
As the result of a successful tendering at DÉMÁSZ, we are charged with developing a new flash-based site with numerous innovative solutions.
CIF brand site 2003. March 11. | Brand site, promotional site
Today we open the CIF brand site which was developed for our featured partner, the Unilever Hungary.
SOLE website 2003. March 7. | Website development
SOLE Hungária Rt. is a significant actor of the domestic dairy production. Its spectacular, modern website was delivered today with dynamic product catalogue, company description, downloadable promotion movies and games.
V. Tabac website 2003. March 5. | Website development
Website of V. Tabac Dohányipari Rt. was handed today with numerous new technical solutions and colour scheme that fits the corporate image. Thanks to the detailed content, we can get information about the entire business group, still the site is clear and easy-to-manage.
Ringa website 2003. January 20. | Website development
We introduced the website of our another partner from the food industry: this is the first time that Ringa Húsipari Rt. has an independent site on the Internet.
New website of Interaktiv Kft 2003. January 13. | Website development
Renewed website of the Interaktiv Kft. television production office was launched. Its design reminds us of that TV2 and the DHTML technology makes it transparent.
Szegedi Vízmű website 2002. December 6. | Website development
Website of Szegedi Vízmű Rt. was renewed. The goal was to make the website transparent and clear. The result: clear structure, rich content.
Website of Kuoni Travel Agency 2002. November 20. | Website development
Website of Kuoni Travel Agency was renewed. Besides the detailed introduction of the services, visitors have the chance to ask for offers online on the site.
Unilever training management system 2002. November 5. | E-learning
We delivered a total training management system today for Unilever Hungary which manages all the trainings entirely.
BorsodChem website 2002. October 7. | Website development
We launched the formally and structurally renewed website of BorsodChem Rt. The site does not only try to satisfy visitors’ curiosity but thanks to the database-based product catalogue, it provides specific information related to the products.
Brau Union website 2002. September 16. | Website development
Website of Brau Union Hungária Sörgyárak Rt. was launched. Features of the site: spectacular design, high level of flash technology and dynamic content management. It worths to visit the brand sites as well which technically function as independent sites.
Napló website 2002. September 2. | Website development
Napló – the first interactive magazine program of the Hungarian television history – now has an online surface where viewers of TV2 can vote and share their thoughts related to numerous public topics from now.